The WebGL Computational Library
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You can download the latest version of the library from http://abubujs.org/libs/Abubu.latest.js.

In the <head> section of the HTML page you can source your copy by inserting the following line:

<script src='/path-to-abubujs-directory/Abubu.latest.js' 

You can also rely on the online version of the code and include it in your HTML page by typing:

<script src='http://abubujs.org/libs/Abubu.latest.js'

The second method is usually preferred as the browsers often cache JavaScript libraries and this can reduce the access time to the library.

If the code is correctly sourced in the HTML page, you should be able to see Abubu.js's banner in your browser's console. In Mozila Firefox and Google Chrome the console can be invoked by pressing the F12 key on the keyboard.